“I have been a member of Equinox for an extended period of time and have worked with a variety of different trainers over the years.  On the endless quest to maintaining a healthy lifestyle my goals and objectives are always changing however my consistency and dedication to the gym have remained constant.  Each trainer that I have worked with has had their own unique set of skills however my experience with Kayte was by far the most productive.  When Kayte and I first started our sessions, she was very persistent and thorough about finding out exactly what my fitness goals are.  By understanding what I was looking to accomplish in the gym, she was able to come up with specific workout routines that were specifically tailored for me.  This allowed me to both build on my strengths and improve on what I found out are my many weaknesses.  Along the way Kayte remained upbeat and positive and coached me through the good times as well as those that presented a challenge.  In many ways and on many occasions, even though I knew my mornings would be spent sweating and enduring her rigorous circuits, it turned out to be the best hour of my day. “ – Jedd, 29 Equinox Member


“When I had my second child (17 months after my first) I was convinced I was never going to get my body back. The 30 pounds I gained would not budge – and the back-to-back pregnancies had eliminated any and all firmness and tone. I knew I couldn’t handle the challenge of getting back in shape on my own so I decided to find a trainer. I connected with Kayte through Equinox. Her pre- and post-natal certification made me feel safe about starting to work out again. And the fact her background in gymnastics was somewhat similar to mine in dance and yoga put me at ease. Kayte developed a program that was challenging but not overwhelming; effective and even enjoyable. After a couple of months of twice weekly sessions I started seeing really encouraging results. I’ve now been working with Kayte for about 9 months and I have never felt or looked better. The baby weight is gone. The scale is showing me numbers I haven’t seen since high school. And, for the first time in my life, I’m actually looking forward to wearing a bikini when I go on vacation this spring. Kayte not only exceeded my expectations, she helped me achieved results I couldn’t have imagined in my wildest dreams. I cannot recommend her enough – and will be forever grateful I found her.” -Beth, 34 NYC

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